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Tony Gaskins on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Our subject today on The Stay Inspired Podcast is how we can transform a troubled life into something that can inspire and propel us towards our best selves. Tony Gaskins is a husband of ten years, father of two boys, best selling author, celebrity and NBA life coach, and an intercontinental speaker. He has shared his message and his work on mainstream outlets like the Tyra Banks show and the Oprah Winfrey show, just to name a few. Tony has a heart for service and believes that we are all coaches because we have all learned lessons that can help someone else, and that we all have the power to transform our pain into our purpose.

Tony has an amazing story that really lives out his philosophy of turning your mess into your message, and I’m excited to share it with you today. Find out more about Tony’s unique life path, the negative impact fame and success can have on our role models, and how to turn your pain into your purpose on today’s episode of The Stay Inspired Podcast!

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“The only thing that changes us is knowledge, and that’s why we say knowledge is power. We have to be able to speak truth to power.” – Tony Gaskins

Show Notes:

  • How Tony developed his unique philosophy
  • What brought Tony away from his perfect upbringing into a more difficult stage in his life
  • Why removing certain music was necessary for Tony’s growth
  • What Tony learned to help others end domestic violence in their lives
  • Why having the knowledge to change is essential, but not everything
  • How fame and success can take its toll on people who receive it the wrong way
  • Why the effect of fame and success can adversely affect those of marginalized groups
  • How you can start turning your pain into your purpose
“I was a sponge, so everything I would hear, it would take action in my life; it would take form in my life.” – Tony Gaskins

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“You can’t excuse yourself because you don’t have physical abuse, yet it’s full of emotional and verbal abuse because that can do more damage in some cases.” – Tony Gaskins

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