I facilitate healing conversations that bring more peace, harmony, & joy into your



Using cutting-edge, evidence-based therapeutic techniques, I’ll teach you how to move past maladaptive mindsets and habits so that you can connect in a way that honors your truth and is well received by the people who matter most in your life.


One of the key variables in having a vibrant quality of life is the

health of your


When there is frequent conflict and misunderstanding, relationships can become stressful and unsatisfying, which can significantly impact your daily experience of peace and joy.

That’s no way to live.



You don’t have to settle for that kind of relationship experience anymore.

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Using the latest therapeutic research as a guide, I’ll teach you how to communicate in ways that make it easier to hear and be heard.

You’ll learn how to resolve long-standing differences so that you can let go of resentment, transform conflicts into opportunities for deeper understanding, and connect in ways that deepen your bond.


If you’re ready to experience more peace and joy in your relationships, I can help!

Let’s start our Healing Conversation today.


I do very little advertising, so you were probably referred to me by a trusted source like a good friend, your doctor, your professional association, or a trusted health professional.

Regardless of how you found me, I'm so glad that you're here.

I've been helping high achieving individuals and couples build healthier and more peaceful lives for over 12 years.

While I'm not able to share any clinical testimonials with you, as that would be a violation of client privacy, I hope that the credibility of the source that referred you and the outstanding organizations that I've been involved with over the years will suffice.

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I’m ready...

To learn the Secret to having more peace, harmony, & joy in my relationships.

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