61 When NOT To Trust Your Heart


Is following your heart always the best strategy?

Absolutely not. Sometimes it is, but not always. For example; let’s say that you grew up in a home where there was domestic violence. Well, unless you’ve been able to go to therapy to work though and gain insight about that experience, it will be what’s “normal” for you. Most likely, you will be emotionally drawn to relationships and partners who end up being violent because there is a part of your heart that believes that love=violence.

If you know that your heart is damaged from past trauma in a certain area, it’s probably not a good idea to only use your heart as a guide in that area, until you’ve been able to heal. But fortunately, even if you haven’t been able to do the healing work, your magnificent body still provides you with back up systems that can help you to make better and healthier choices, while your heart is on the mend.

In this episode of Stay Inspired, we’ll be exploring what I call your “Natural Wisdom Network” – what parts of the body make up this network, and how they work together for your benefit – and how you can use it to make holistically healthy choices that can save you a lot of time, energy, and possibly even keep you safe from harm. It’s free, available to you 24/7, and once you understand and know how to tap into it, it can help you to move closer your goals with less heartache and more ease.

Listen in to learn why your heart isn’t meant to be your only guide, and how using all parts of your Natural Wisdom Network can help you thrive emotionally in all areas of your life. It’s like your hearts’ mentors and BFF’s who are there to support and guide her, especially when she’s not at her best. No one was meant to make all of life’s decisions alone, including your heart. Help her connect with her crew so that they can help you to thrive emotionally in all areas of your life, starting today!

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“The heart isn’t meant to function independently. It has backup.” – Kongit Farrell

Show Notes:

  • What we can do to protect ourselves from unhealthy hearts
  • How the parts of your body work together for good
  • What the nervous system contributes to your emotional health
  • Ways to pursue a feelings-driven life
“When you allow the Wisdom Centers to work together, they can do an amazing job of helping you to live an amazing life.” – Kongit Farrell

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Kongit is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA – 97773) and her therapeutic approach is eclectic, but firmly rooted in CBT, Narrative and Solution-Focused methodologies. She is an EMDR therapist and is completing advanced course work in Sex Therapy at The Buehler Institute of Orange County. Kongit is the Founder of the Inspired Journey Counseling Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

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