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60 Stop Reading Yourself for Filth

60 Stop Reading Yourself for Filth

Head Trash - Stop Reading Yourself for Filth with Kongit FarrellHow to Stop Reading Yourself for Filth.

You know it’s a nice and filthy self-read when it ends with you wondering what’s the point of wondering what’s the point of things in the first place. You’ve berated yourself into oblivion (yet again) and wonder why it’s so hard to look at yourself in the mirror, let alone do the things that will actually move yourself toward the life that you want to live.

Although this Self-Filthing can serve a purpose (we’ll talk about that shortly) it’s probably not the best approach if you value emotional and mental wellbeing. The good news is, there’s a (much) better way! On this episode of Stay Inspired, we’ll explore the pros and cons of Self-Filthing, why people do it in the first place, and how you can replace self-reads with a more adaptive and healthy approach to resolving the underlying reason for why you do it in the first place!

Listen in to learn more about why you read yourself for filth and how to replace Self-Filthing with a healthier and more adaptive narrative.

“Your head trash actually thinks it’s there to protect and serve you.” – Kongit Farrell 

Show Notes:

  • The different purposes that Self-Filthing serve
  • The relationship between Self-Fithing and negative thoughts
  • How to make your negative thought patterns serve you
  • Ways to recycle your negative thoughts
“Things are likely to change if you adjust your strategy and keep moving forward.” – Kongit Farrell 

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