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39 Shannon McLay on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

If you have ever felt like you weren’t in control of your money, or that you were spiraling out of control with your finances, then today’s episode of The Stay Inspired Podcast is for you!

Entrepreneur, podcast host, and financial guru Shannon McLay started her career in banking and worked as a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch. After years of cutting her teeth and mastering the money game, Shannon opened up her own financial firm, The Financial Gym, which she designed not only to meet her clients needs at an affordable price but also to give them the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable financial trainer who truly cares about them and their unique financial journey. Shannon is here today to offer some insights into how we can get financially literate so that we can live the lives that we envision and deserve.

Listen in to learn what financial literacy truly is, the importance of goal-setting, and how to take control of your own personal money story.

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“I think a big problem with financial literacy or education is this feeling of embarrassment and shame around money.” – Shannon McLay

Show Notes:

  • Why feeling uncomfortable around money is totally normal
  • How learning the jargon of financial literacy can feel like learning a new language
  • Why the financial jargon is not what financial literacy is actually about
  • The difference between how women and men approach financial literacy
  • How Shannon approaches helping her clients with financial literacy
  • The importance of setting a goal in your financial planning
  • Why failing to achieve your financial goals does not mean your failed
  • How women are undercutting their financial abilities
  • Why the act of setting a goal can put you on your path to financial success
  • How stores advertise adversely affects women
  • How to become mindful of where your money is going through expense tracking
“We have the chips stacked against us when it comes to money and being smart about money.” – Shannon McLay

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“If you don’t have something you’re heading toward, then where are you going?” – Shannon McLay




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