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Marie K on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Marie K on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

In this episode of The Stay Inspired Podcast, yoga teacher Marie K. will help bring balance to your day with just the calming sound of her voice. She also educates us on the balance to be found at the heart of yoga practice, on and off the mat.

Additionally, Marie K. discusses the plights of diet-chasing and the benefits of lifestyle adjustments to find a fulfilling active life. With this in mind, she reminds us that actual change doesn’t happen overnight.

I, like many of you, struggled for years with maintaining an active lifestyle, until I went to Marie K.’s yoga class. Her positivity creates a safe environment to grow and take care of yourself as a yogi… and as a human. As a result, I have found more balance in my own life. It is an inspiring testament to the balance we can find in our lives through self-care.

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“I realized it was a lifestyle, not a thing to do to fit into a dress.” – Marie K

Show Notes:

  • Yes! Great yoga balances growth with self-care
  • Finally, a classroom with no judgment!
  • Why Marie K. chooses to say “nutrition” instead of “diet”
  • The life-work balance of a yogi teacher
  • The very real challenges of pregnancy weight
  • How actual change happens over the long haul
  • Balance is at the center of yoga
  • Marie’s advise… to plant the seed of change today
“It’s planting a seed in a goal and aligning all of your habits to it.” – Marie K

Three key Tips to Finding and Creating a more Active Lifestyle:

  1. A role model or style of activity that inspires you
  2. Space in your home to work out for convienence
  3. Time when you can regularly work out

Links Mentioned:

“In yoga, the movement itself will start to inspire truth.” – Marie K

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