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Lynne Azpetia on Stay Inspired Podcast

Lynne Azpetia on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit FarrellLynne Azpetia, an internationally recognized counselor for ambitious, gifted and creative adults joins us on The Stay Inspired Podcast to talk about creating a balanced daily routine. Lynne explains that anyone can struggle with the daily habits that make for a healthy life, but gifted and talented adults often struggle more because of their ambitious nature.

In this episode Lynne lists the characteristics of a gifted and talented adult and tells us how ambitious adults can make more room in their lives for self-appreciation.

As a licensed family and marriage counselor in Santa Monica, Lynne has helped creative adults for years to achieve their goals and realize their dreams without sacrificing their health, relationships or bank account—including myself! I can’t wait for everyone to hear her words of wisdom!

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“Sometimes when you climb a mountain, the oxygen is a little thin.” – Lynne Azpetia

Show Notes:

  • How to gain better insight into your life
  • Why Lynne became a counselor for gifted, talented and creative people
  • What are the characteristics of a gifted adult?
  • Don’t know which path to choose first? That’s OK!
  • The power of prioritizing
  • Self appreciation…. Why is it so important?
  • How to deal with the jealousy of others
  • What is the Balance Feedback Loop?
“You can make steps, you can keep journals, you can do lots of things, but you must include this step of finding balance.” – Lynne Azpetia

One Piece of Wisdom from Lynne:

You are more fabulous than you know!

Links Mentioned:

“…And then the key ingredient is to appreciate myself and what I was able to do no matter what the result was.” – Lynne Azpetia

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