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09 Lesley Myrick – Simple Design Choices that Bring Joy to Your Home


Lesley Myrick on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit FarrellDo you remember the last time you found something that you loved for your home before that little voice said that you shouldn’t? Well my guest today is here to tell you… to get that fuzzy neon rug!

Lesley Myrick is a hot and new upcoming authority on authentic design choices and finding your unique style. Lesley has been featured in notable media outlets including California Home + Design, House Beautiful, and Apartment Therapy and has had clients across North America, including Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto. Holding an honors diploma in interior design from Sheridan College, Lesley has become a specialist in curating existing elements from a unique design perspective, so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Having worked with Lesley in the past, I can tell you that I totally love how she is able to help me discover what brings me joy and use that to decorate my space. I’m so thrilled for you to hear Lesley’s wisdom on design and bringing happiness into your home!

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“If you see the fuzzy neon rug and you freak out, that probably means that rug needs to come home with you.” – Lesley Myrick

Show Notes:

  • What working at the wrong job can show you about your career
  • Pursuing design full-time over doing many different artistic careers
  • The toxicity of a bad work environment on your spirit
  • How Lesley’s business comes through her authenticity
  • Why Niche is Rich and Broad is Broke
“The more authentic I am to me, the more I find my people.” – Lesley Myrick
  • Lesley’s design philosophy
  • Yes! We need to eat on the good china EVERYDAY!
  • How your space can weigh you down spiritually and emotionally
  • The importance of using the 80/20 rule in design
  • Why the word should…. is ugly!

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“Anytime you hear that you ‘should’ do something a certain way, don’t listen to it.” – Lesley Myrick

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