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Fatim Bahh on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

So you’ve bought some clothes for your wardrobe and you really love how they look on you. But have you ever wondered if the money you paid for them is doing good, as well?

Fatim Bahh was born in West Africa to a family of textile makers, and has been combining entrepreneurship in design with social responsibility for over ten years. Through her clothing line, Fatim has been able to donate 10% of her earnings to her nonprofit One Girl At A Time, which empowers young women in Africa to receive an education and develop employable skills by covering costs of tuition and resources.

Fatim will be talking about making meaningful change in the world through socially-and-globally-conscious companies, and how we can spread joy and create a difference with our purchases. We will also cover the importance of financial independence and education for young women in developing countries, and having resilience in achieving our goals. I am so glad to help spread the exciting and powerful story of Fatim Bahh with you today!

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“I believe that we all can be amazing in life, I strongly believe that.” – Fatim Bahh

Show Notes:

  • Why Fatim set her focus on education
  • What financial independence means for women in developing countries
  • How Fatim’s nonprofit is employing both young girls and their families
  • The entire journey of her clothing line… and how it empowers women!
  • Where is your money going?
“Education is the one thing that a man can never take away from you.” – Fatim Bahh
  • On being conscious of your world impact as a consumer
  • Why Fatim always keeps her original vision in mind
  • The importance of working through the hard times as an entrepreneur
  • Fatim’s advice to inspire women

Links Mentioned:

  • Download and Print my Joyful Life Vision Board PDF – Where do you want your money to go? How can you impact the world and make positive change? Use my Joyful Life Vision Board to create a powerful vision to keep you moving forward!
  • Learn more about Fatim’s nonprofit One Girl At A Time
  • Connect with Fatim Bahh:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

“You cannot be so anxious about your destination that you forget your journey.” – Fatim Bahh

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