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37 What Do You Know?

37 What Do You Know?

37 What Do You Know ? on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

When was the last time you thought about what you didn’t know? Do you ever feel that you’ve finally reached the end of learning in your field?

Today on The Stay Inspired Podcast, we’re going to talk about our understanding of knowledge, and how what you think could be holding you back from the life that you deserve. Int his episode, I talk about an exercise that can open up how you perceive expertise and the steps you can take towards achieving your goals and living stress-free.

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“I think the biggest thing that holds people back from getting what they want, it’s what they think they know.” – Kongit Farrell

Show Notes:

  • Why what you think you know may be holding you back
  • The importance of understanding what you don’t know
  • Why knowing the infinite depth of knowledge is inherent in expertise
  • What relationships can teach you about your knowledge
  • Why consulting with experts can relieve stress
“That really is where we are in psychotherapy today; there are so many solutions.” – Kongit Farrell

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