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36 Amanda Laird – Female Body Literacy 101: How to Attain & Maintain a Healthy Female Form

36 Amanda Laird – Female Body Literacy 101: How to Attain & Maintain a Healthy Female Form

Amanda Laird on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Do you have questions about your own menstrual cycle? Have you found yourself asking, “is this normal?”

On today’s episode of The Stay Inspired Podcast, we have with us Amanda Laird, a registered holistic nutritionist with a clinical focus on menstrual and hormonal health. She’s the host of the Heavy Flow Podcast and advocate for clear, honest, and intelligent exchange about health and wellness.

Listen in as we talk about body literacy, the relationship of the menstrual cycle to the body, and what every woman should know about their own periods.

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“We learn a little bit sometimes, if we’re lucky, about what happens with our periods or menstrual cycles, but in the grand scheme of things, we don’t really get into the details of what’s happening.” – Amanda Laird

Show Notes:

  • What Amanda means by “body literacy”
  • Why puberty can be so much more difficult for women than it needs to be
  • How the lack of education on women’s health oppresses women
  • The difficulty in getting menstrual supplies around the world
  • How the menstrual cycle acts as one of our vital signs
  • How the menstrual cycle depends on the rest of our body being healthy
  • The mixed signals and misinformation women get throughout their lives
  • What a “normal” period looks like, and what it doesn’t look like
  • How the Heavy Flow Podcast got started
  • Amanda’s advice on finding the right doctor
“Your menstrual cycle is actually considered your fifth vital sign.” – Amanda Laird

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“Making sure that we have a strong, healthy, and vital menstrual cycle will help to protect other parts of our body, as well.” – Amanda Laird

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