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We have a very special guest with us today on Stay Inspired, beloved multi-faceted actress, comedian, author, and speaker, Kim Coles. Kim has delighted audiences all over the world for over 32 years in ground-breaking shows like “In Living Color” and “Living Single”, and now she guides women on an incredible healing journey, “Broadcasting Your Brilliance”, by inspiring them to laugh and learn and live and lead their own powerful legacy. Today, we will be talking about her third book, “Open Your GIFTS“, an Amazon Bestseller, in addition to her other adventures and projects she’s up to now.

Listen in to learn about Kim’s life as an artist, and the four R’s that she believes are key for every person to develop stronger spiritual resiliency.

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“Resiliency is part of being resourceful.” – Kim Coles

Show Notes:

  • What Kim calls the four R’s needed for spiritual resilience
  • How Kim’s life has prepared her to be resilient through her career
  • Why developing a hype book for yourself can help you stay resilient
  • How to stay strong during long periods of rejection
  • Why the life of an artist is naturally nomadic and that the goal is not what you think
  • How Kim prepares for all stages of her career, no matter where she is right now
  • Why we need to prepare for valley moments so that we aren’t stuck getting ready when the opportunity comes
  • Why celebrities being glamorous on the red carpet is less about fun and more about looking for work
  • Where relationships fit in to the journey of realizing your art
“Your victories, your celebrations, the things you’ve done well, what you’ve succeeded and overcome, that is the garment that will always fit you, and you should wear it all of the time.” – Kim Coles

The Four R’s Of Spiritual Resilience:

  1. Reflection
  2. Reaching Out
  3. Recharging
  4. Releasing

Links Mentioned:

  • Check out Kim’s new book, “Open Your Gifts
  • Learn more about Kim’s course, “Love Your Story
  • Take part in the FREE 7-Day Challenge, “Choosing Y.O.U.” to help you find your purpose and passion (thank you, Kim!)
  • Connect with Kim Coles:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

“Give yourself that space to have friends and to let go of people that show up that really aren’t your friends.” – Kim Coles

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