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Paul C. Brunson on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Mentor, entrepreneur, and television host Paul C. Brunson is recognized as one of the most influential interpersonal skills experts in the world. Paul is the former investment banker who founded PCBA in 2009, an award winning matchmaking agency that was acquired in 2016. Appearing as the cohost on Oprah Winfrey Network’s “Lovetown”, Oprah Winfrey notes “Paul is much more than a matchmaker”. Paul is also the host and executive producer of the “Help! I Need Love” primeime docuseries on ABC. Paul is also a host of “Datenight Live” on Lifetime, where he is the resident interpersonal skills expert. He has appeared in over 350 major media outlets around the world and his book titled “It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be): A Modern Guide to Finding and Keeping Love”, received an NAACP image award nomination.

Listen in to learn how Paul came into matchmaking, what he hopes to see in all of his clients, and his advice for everyone that is looking for love.


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“When I got to the [matchmakers] conference, I realized ‘wow, no one here has the same perspective that I have, very few people in this room are married.’” – Paul C. Brunson

Show Notes:

  • How Paul became interested in helping people develop their interpersonal skills
  • What was different in the matchmaking scene when Paul started his career
  • What Paul and his wife’s first social events taught them
  • Why it’s important for a matchmaker to understand the complexities of dating for people of color
  • What women need to achieve their highest level of relationship
  • What “the matchmaker’s dilemma” is and what it means for the client and the matchmaker
  • How Paul works with and helps those who need to work on themselves first
  • Paul’s advice for everybody in helping their chances in finding their match
  • The importance of body language in building romantic relationships
  • How our brain puts everybody we meet into one of three boxes
“If you’re looking for a Harvard-quality relationship, you need to be a Harvard candidate yourself.” – Paul C. Brunson

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“When [a matchmaker] gets someone who walks in the door who is a ‘ten’, who has all of those [desirable] characteristics and more, they’re looking for someone who is like them.” – Paul C. Brunson

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