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Jenny Blake on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Welcome to today’s episode of The Stay Inspired Podcast! Today on the podcast, we have with us author, career and business strategist, and international speaker Jenny Blake. Jenny helps people organize their brain, move beyond burnout, and build sustainable dynamic careers that they love. She is the author of Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One, which won an award for Axiom best business book in the careers category. She also hosts the Pivot podcast which CNBC listed among six podcasts to make you smarter about your career, and Entrepreneur selected as one of the top twenty female hosted podcasts.

In today’s conversation, Jenny talks about the many things we can often neglect in our business, and how they are often the things that make our business the best it can be. Listen in to learn about how Jenny views our careers as dynamic and modular, and how you can focus on what matters by working in your zone of genius.

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“Be all that you are. What’s the alternative?” – Jenny Blake

Show Notes:

  • How Jenny sees our careers as a smartphone more than a ladder
  • Why technology can be empowering us to be more dynamic with our lives
  • How finding your zone of genius helps you find your community and your market
  • Why incorporating your seemingly disparate skills in your business is an asset
  • What the “Know Feel Do” framework can do for you
  • Why we often feel unable to find or chase after our own zone of genius
  • What Hendricks described as the four zones we work in
  • What are the “sexy shoulds” and why we should be wary of them
  • How you can start the process of finding your own zone of genius
  • Why you should probe your past to discover what makes you deeply excited
“The vertical doesn’t exist anymore, because we’re not just getting a job and staying there for thirty years, nor would we want to.” – Jenny Blake

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“The thing about your zone of genius is you’re not always going to know up front. Sometimes you have to start doing something.” – Jenny Blake



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