42 Rwenshaun Miller – The Biggest Roadblocks to Mental Heath for Men of Color


Rwenshaun Miller on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Welcome to The Stay Inspired Podcast! Today on the show, our guest is Mr. Rwenshaun Miller. Rwenshaun is a licensed therapist, mental health advocate, author, and social entrepreneur who works with individuals of all ages with the goal of helping each person understand and take accountability for their own mental wellness. Through his clinical work, Rwenshaun teaches clients that they aren’t alone when dealing with a mental illness or mental health challenge, and that it is okay to not be okay.

In this episode, we go over the importance of mental wellness, how we treat mental health as a society and a culture, the way that gender plays into it’s importance in our lives, and much more. Learn why it is so important to take accountability of your own mental wellness, and why men often have difficulty taking care of their mental health.

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“Especially in the black and brown communities, we push off mental health and how it actually affects us on a daily basis, especially from a male standpoint.” – Rwenshaun Miller

Show Notes:

  • What it really means to take accountability of your own mental wellness and why it is important
  • What can happen if you repeatedly put off taking care of your mental wellness
  • Rwenshaun’s journey with his own mental health struggles and how he came out on the other side
  • What Rwenshaun believes stops men of color from moving forward and taking care of their own mental health
  • How masculinity can be toxic for men handling their own mental health, and what we all can do to help
  • Where male and female relationships differ when being vulnerable with each other
  • When Rwenshaun finally started opening up and who he found to confide in
  • What a mental health diagnosis really means and what makes it so powerful
“We consider showing some type of emotion, especially when it comes down to being sad or being vulnerable, as weakness, and who wants to be considered weak?” – Rwenshaun Miller

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“Don’t be afraid to be honest with yourself.” – Rwenshaun Miller

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