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Elisa Parker on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Elisa Parker is the cofounder and president of media production company SeeJaneDo, which focuses on promoting the stories of women doing extraordinary things, and empowering women around the world to do the same. Elisa believes women have the power to create a better world, and she is here to talk about this new paradigm that can empower more women to take the lead and change the world. Along with SeeJaneDo, Elisa also runs Indivisble Women, an organization aimed at engaging fully at local, state, and national levels to transform the political process.

Listen in to learn about how the patriarchy has shaped our world, why it needs to change, and the ways that women can make a better future for everyone.

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“When can we say to women that they are enough?” – Elisa Parker

Show Notes:

  • The history of the modern patriarchy
  • How to access our internal power as women
  • Why our “power-over” society is a large cause of fear and social anxiety
  • The reason why women need to show up with their best selves always (and never need to ask for permission to do so)
  • Why calling out whole groups of people is dangerous
  • When can we say to women that they are enough?
  • Why more women are becoming entrepreneurs right now than ever before
  • The power of cooperation over competition
  • How Elisa is working toward gender parity in leadership
“If we are living in that mentality of scarcity, then it limits yourself and it limits the possibilities for creation.” – Elisa Parker

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“We are not doing this alone. Our heroine’s journey is a tribe of us together.” – Elisa Parker



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