34 Mistress Justine Cross – What Dominatrix Know About Men That Vanilla Women Don’t – But Should!


Mistress Justine Cross on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Have you been curious about exploring your fantasies, and afraid of how to talk with your partner about it? Have you wondered about BDSM and the dominatrix who embody it’s culture?

Today on The Stay Inspired Podcast, we have with us Mistress Justine Cross, professional dominatrix, owner of Los Angeles’ premier dungeon studios Dungeon East and Dungeon West, and BDSM consultant. Internationally recognized, Justine has been a professional and lifestyle Domme for 10 years, seeing clients all over the world. She has appeared in Los Angeles Magazine and Playboy, and done various BDSM consulting gigs for print and video productions in Los Angeles.

Listen in to learn more about what BDSM is, why women should be in charge of their sexual experiences, and what vanilla women should know about men.

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“It’s just about owning yourself and being powerful, and men find that very attractive.” – Mistress Justine Cross

Show Notes:

  • What BDSM is and what “vanilla” means
  • What brought Mistress Justine into her profession
  • How Mistress Justine’s first experiences were as a dominatrix
  • If dominatrix are born or made
  • Mistress Justine’s advice to women new to the world of BDSM
  • The main demographic of BDSM customers
  • What race play can mean and the themes that go along with it
  • Why embracing the position as dominatrix was easy for Mistress Justine
  • What Mistress Justine thinks vanilla women don’t know about men
  • The importance of women knowing their worth
  • Why it makes more sense for women to learn their sexual desires before men
“As long as there has been humankind, there has been some form of BDSM.” – Mistress Justine Cross

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“Take care of you first, then you can take care of somebody else.” – Mistress Justine Cross



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