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The first plans for the look and feel of my practice came to mind when I was serving as Membership Chair for the California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists in Los Angeles. I was having a series of conversations about customer service with one my mentors and colleagues Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT who was in large part responsible for growing the monthly LA-CAMFT events from a few attendees to regularly, over 100.

She spoke to me about how to make events easy, organized, and intuitive for the customer. She carried her philosophy into her own thriving private practice for Gifted Adults in Santa Monica, CA, which is very well-appointed and thought out, down to the placement of the trashcan and the type of tissues she uses. It’s no wonder that clients have sought her services for over 2 decades; she knows how make them feel thought of and cared for!

That inspired me as I stared to think about how I wanted to create the visual and experiential aspects of my practice.

I was also influenced by the interior design styling of Mayram Montague, creator of the boutique hotel “Peacock Pavilions” in Marrakesh, Morocco who’s visual philosophy I interpret as “more is more – but curate (and edit) mindfully”; online entrepreneur Marie Forleo who encourages business owners to “surprise and delight” customers at every turn; and lastly Walt Disney himself, who always sought to create “memorable experiences” in all of his theme parks.

I’m clearly not on any of their levels, lol, but boy have the inspired me to do the best with what I have!

I’m very excited to introduce my practice, The Inspired Journey Counseling Center; a boutique private practice dedicated to helping good people get the healthy lives, loving relationships and satisfying sex that they deserve.

I’ve chosen an aesthetic that blends the warmth of tribal-chic, with a puff of modernism, bursts of florals, and jewel toned colors. I put a lot of emphasis on the floral element because I feel that flowers in bloom serve as a great metaphor for what therapy can do for a person – help them to blossom!

The signature scent of the IJCC is Choisya, or Mexican Orange Flowers, though I do incorporate other floral scents from time to time. I chose Choisya with the patient and dedicated help of fragrance expert and chandler, Brice Oates of Candle Delirium in West Hollywood. Not only does it have anxiety reducing properties, but it’s light, spicy/sweet non-imposing aroma floats gently in the background so as to not offend clients with scent sensitivities. So far, it’s been very well received.

When done right, therapy can be an insightful and rewarding experience. I believe that anyone who is willing to embark on the journey deserves as much comfort and care as I can provide. The IJCC was created to make therapy both a healing and inspiring experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

For more information about my work and the IJCC or to set up an appointment at our lovely DTLA office, click here.

I hope to see you in 2018!



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About Kongit

Kongit is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (CA – 97773) and her therapeutic approach is eclectic, but firmly rooted in CBT, Narrative and Solution-Focused methodologies. She is an EMDR therapist and is completing advanced course work in Sex Therapy at The Buehler Institute of Orange County. Kongit is the Founder of the Inspired Journey Counseling Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

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