48 DJ Townsel – Unexpected Gifts that Come from Having a Consistent Yoga Practice


DJ Townsel on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Our guest today is former NFL wide receiver, certified personal trainer, and certified yoga instructor Derrick “Rasta Yogi” Townsel. DJ Townsel began practicing yoga in 2012, following online lessons and studying the physical mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. He’s now become an inspiration to thousands who didn’t think a passion for fitness or yoga could be a possibility for them, mainly men and people of color. He’s now a sought after acrobatic yoga instructor and personal trainer in central Florida.

As you’ll hear in this episode, DJ’s yogic practice has brought him peace and clarity in many different avenues in his life. Most people think of yoga being a physical training, but the spiritual and mental benefits it has brought him has made DJ an evangelist for yoga and an inspiration for people around the world.

Listen in to learn more about DJ’s story of how he went from NFL player to “Rasta Yogi”, and the benefits you get by maintaining your own yoga practice.

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“Find out what kind of yoga resonates with you, and then enjoy the journey, because all the things you were looking for are going to come, and then things that you weren’t looking for are going to surprise the hell out of you.” – DJ Townsel

Show Notes:

  • What intially drew DJ to yoga as a practice
  • Why the focus of DJ’s practice changed over time
  • What DJ’s yogic practice brought him in every area of his life
  • DJ’s advice to people looking to start on their own path with yoga
  • How the act of practicing yoga has affected DJ as a man of color
  • The empowering effects of yoga
  • What difficulties DJ has encountered in people’s ability to accept yoga as a healing practice
  • How your yoga practice relates to your everyday life
  • What acrobatic yoga is and how it differs from a more standard yoga practice
“[When playing football,] it keeps your mind on the go, you never get a moment of stillness or peace and quiet. That’s what got me hooked [on yoga], that I can create this stillness for myself.” – DJ Townsel

Links Mentioned:

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“No matter how long you’ve been on the mat, you’re always going to find out something new about a yoga pose, or a breath, or something within you. There are always going to be obstacles that we face in life, and we’re always going to find new ways to tackle those, or go over those, or around them, whatever it may be.” – DJ Townsel



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