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Calvin Moore on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Have you lost your inspiration? Are you ready for a relationship of the heart? Are you ready to reconnect to inspiration through faith?

Calvin Moore is the present pastor of the first Presbyterian church of Los Angeles, he is also a marriage and family therapist.

Inspiration webs and flows like water, when we are aware that the light we dream about is in fact a dream that the lord has placed in our hearts, we are less likely to give up on it, and access the spiritual energy necessary to keep working at it.

I’m so excited you’re joining me today to connect with, and identify that greater power, whatever it may look like for you, we must listen to it through that lens. In this episode you will learn about how having faith gives us something to lean on, it is a reminder that we aren’t alone in this, and how faith is it’s own proof.

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“I understand it more as a journey, people question, people doubt, and then they come to understand and believe what they come to understand and believe.” – Calvin Moore

Show Notes:

  • Finding the inspiration to dedicate your life to helping and healing
  • How can epilepsy limit your youth?
  • The deep connection between the loss of Calvin’s father and finding his faith in god
  • The importance of understanding where people are in the faith journey
  • What are the gifts of growing up with epilepsy?
  • How we all get to make a choice on our journey with faith
  • Is there such a thing as a normal journey of faith?
  • Yes! We all believe differently!
  • The reasons why some people don’t believe in god
“When you commit to somebody else’s journey, that’s not going to satisfy you.” – Calvin Moore
  • Guess what? What’s happening in the world today is usually because of human beings choices!
  • How commitment makes everything feel better
  • When you decide to go in with God fully from your heart…. this is what brings joy into the relationship
  • How the faith walk can be hard.. Don’t expect it to just happen all at one time, so take the time!
  • Where you end up…. you will be committed too
  • How we need to listen to more than just one message.. and remember to ask God what his message is for us
  • How do we stay inspired to reach our goals… Hint: The first step is to admit it!
  • God has a plan for all of us…
  • The importance of stopping, listening and just being for a second.. Stop doing and start being!
  • If it’s meant for you to do, then DONT GIVE UP!!
“The faith walk can be hard. Don’t expect it to just happen all at one time. It’s very much an internal confrontation that you have between your reality and what you believe.” – Calvin Moore

Links Mentioned:

  • Download and Print my Faithful Heart Mantra PDF – This will help you get on a path of creating a faith practise that has the potential to give you all kinds of wonderful secret gifts and your very own personal Mantra
  • Phone 323 935 5204 or visit Calvin at the First Presbyterian church of LA Sunday @ 11am
  • Phone 213 399 6099 for any groups, couples, individual, chronic disease therapy or spiritual dilemmas
“If it’s meant for you to do, the only thing that can stop you is you, so don’t give up.” – Calvin Moore

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