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Kevin Ross on Stay Inspired with Kongit Farrell

Today we are joined by Reverend Kevin Ross to talk about how to use faith to stay inspired, while creating a life that you deserve. Kevin Ross is a Senior Minister of Unity of Sacramento, a Morehouse College graduate, a senior fellow of the American Leadership Forum, and a three time delegate to the Parliament of World Religions. Kevin has received two humanitarian awards and has even appeared on Oprah!

Kevin is committed to widening the margin of inclusion, silencing reckless hate speech, and building diverse coalitions for peace in our lifetime.

In this episode, Kevin is talking about the power of having faith, surrounding yourself with good people, and the journey of discovering yourself. I think you’ll really enjoy Kevin’s inspiring and motivational message!

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“I’ve seen what happens when someone gets the support that they need to unlock the power that’s laden within their potential.” – Kevin Ross

Show Notes:

  • Why Kevin has dedicated his life to faith
  • How Nancy Reagan inspired Kevin’s mission
  • Why we have to stop sensationalizing the negative
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with good people
  • What are 3 A.M. friends?
  • How to adjust the soundtrack of your soul
  • The impact of your mindset
  • How to discover your self
  • Why you have to…. commit to the journey!
  • Yes.. You are the expert on yourself
  • Why we can’t ignore systemic racism
“What you say to yourself about yourself is the word of God to you.” – Kevin Ross

7 Questions to Know Yourself:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you want?
  3. Where are you going?
  4. Who is going with you?
  5. What’s in your way?
  6. What prices are you willing to pay?
  7. What are you waiting for?

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“There’s always something bigger at work when you’re responding to a dream, something greater you’re connecting to is unfolding.” – Kevin Ross

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