23 Keri Nola – The Gift Of Jealousy

Keri Nola on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Do you remember the last time you were overcome with jealousy? What if you could have used that and other difficult emotions to your advantage?

Today on the Stay Inspired Podcast, we have intuitive psychotherapist Keri Nola to talk about the gift of jealousy. We will discuss the work we can do with our shadow energies and how we can confront them in a healthy and productive way.

Thanks for joining me today and I’m so glad you get to hear Keri’s wisdom. When I first started looking into my jealousy through Keri’s teaching, the clarity it gave me really was like magic! Her knowledge and experience working with these shadow energies gave me a great perspective to move forward, and I know that it can help you, too!

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“Jealousy is one of our teachers, if we’re willing to show up to the classroom.” – Keri Nola

Show Notes:

  • Keri’s unique perspective about jealousy
  • Why difficult emotions are a gift
  • How shadow work can open your blind spots
  • “Everything in our life has a light expression and a shadow expression”
  • What you can do to make these shadow energies work for you
  • The alchemy that happens when we confront our shadows
  • How you can interact with jealous people in a productive and healthy way
  • How our own shadow work can affect our relationships, both good and bad
  • Why our self-growth sometimes feels like a spiral staircase
  • Keri’s recommendations for finding the healer that is right for you

“Our self growth is a process we can choose to show up for, every moment of single day.” – Keri Nola

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“Healing happens at the intersection of truth and love.” – Keri Nola

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