I know you’re frustrated and a little afraid right now. You’ve worked hard and done all the things you thought would get you success… but maybe things haven’t turned out like you imagined?

So here you are… tired of the life you’re living because you know you’re meant for something more. Much more.

It’s time to step into the Light.

You’ve suffered enough. It’s time to get un-stuck and move forward beyond this dark phase. I can help you do just that. Let’s rock life together. You’re too amazing to walk this path alone.

You’re home now.
Welcome to Your Tribe.

life coaching

life coaching

You know that life you’re dreaming of? The one you’ve planned for and thought about for years and tried to make happen? You can get it, Beautiful. I’ll help you find the way to the REAL LIFE you deserve.


dating coaching

dating coaching

No more games. No more crying yourself to sleep waiting for that text. You’re better than that. You’re too valuable to waste your energy on people who don’t value you. Let me show you the way to the healthy LOVE you deserve.


About Kongit

Hi! I’m Kongit and I help good people (like you) build great lives. I’ve spent a lot of time in school and working with clients in my practice to be here for you right now, at this moment in your life. You can read more about me by clicking here but don’t worry about doing that right now.

I’d like to invite you to hang out for a while instead.

Have a look around the site, check out the blog, and join my mailing list if you like what I’m talking about and you feel nourished. I have some wonderful surprises for you when you do. And don’t worry. I’ll only send you things that will enrich your life, strengthen your soul, or make you smile.


Brains and beauty are often not used in the same sentence, except when you’re talking about Kongit Farrell. She connects to the conscience and intellect of the audience through her speaking and writing. Her deep understanding on relationships and valuable advice are indispensable.

Femi ‘GFEM’ Ogunjimni

After reading Kongit Farrell’s book, I’m able to identify healthy relationships, necessary boundaries, and develop a strong self-confidence and sense of self … I’ve always had stellar results following her tutorials and step-by-step guides. I’m finally the person I’ve always dreamed of becoming with healthy relationships and solid sense of who I am and what I want.

Etsy A

Kongit Farrell was a fabulous presenter! Her workshop on Responsible Social Media was insightful and thought provoking. She discussed the importance of maintaining a positive image through social media, as well as providing several safety tips that can prevent physical and cyber-attacks … We were delighted to see the students interacting and participating in the discussion.

Mary Jeannine Brown

Loved Kongit and so did all the listeners … we all want her back on.

Belinda Bentley

Kongit Farrell’s remarkable ability to educate modern women on the wisdom of courtship is brilliant! She methodically breaks down the importance of why women should hold off on putting physical intimacy before emotional and mental intimacy in romantic relationships…In the two months after she spoke to our group, at least one of the women is now engaged!

Sherrie Sims Alle

Kongit taught two workshops for our students about mindful dating and received an ‘excellent’ rating from almost all of the students … The girls listened attentively to her presentations and went home with a better understanding on how they can develop healthy relationships from a biological perspective.

Jackie Castillo

Kongit’s ten points for why she’s worth the chase really nail it! Each one is thought-provoking. They are the first, best steps to being a great mate!

Harold T. Fisher