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Kongit Farrell on The Stay Inspired Podcast

You know those mornings. You promised yourself to wake up early so you can tackle the day, but when the alarm buzzer goes off, you’re anything but ready. The bed is warm and the snooze button is so close!

As you could probably guess, this is what my mornings used to be. I struggled against my will to do something that I knew would benefit me in the long run. This is something that I knew would be good for me, but I hadn’t fully harnessed the superpower we all have: our ability to build habits.

In this episode of The Stay Inspired Podcast, we’ll be talking about how to build habits and get used to consistently doing things that we don’t like to do but are good for us. I’ll go over some ways to make the process much easier and more enjoyable and some of the ways that I have overcome my own struggle to become a morning person. We all know what we’d like to change, so let’s start using our superpowers!

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“Even with all of that knowledge, there was nothing there to tell me what I could do to make the process of forming a habit easier.“ – Kongit Farrell

Show Notes:

  • The superpower of habituation
  • How to get used to doing what is best for you, not what is *easiest*
  • Making the hardest part easier
“As a human, you’ve been given this amazing gift of habituation.“ – Kongit Farrell
  • How hot yoga helps me train my brain
  • Why learning how to fail is important
  • The timeline of building a habit

Three Ways To Help Build Habits:

  1. Find the hardest part and make it easier
  2. Reward yourself immediately!
  3. Know that you will fall off, and that you can get back up again

Links Mentioned:

“Know that you’re going to fall off, and when you fall off, don’t trip. Just start again.“ – Kongit Farrell

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