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01 Three Key Benefits to Developing a Balanced Lifestyle

01 Kongit Farrell - 3 Key Benefits to Developing a Balanced Lifestyle

The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Why is it so hard to achieve a balanced lifestyle? In my first episode of Stay Inspired, I jump right in and get to the bottom of this question. When it’s bountiful, balance brings more time, more fulfillment and variety. I discuss all this at length in the three key benefits of a balanced lifestyle segment.

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Most importantly, remember to congratulate yourself for listening to this self-care show, giving yourself the space to reflect and know yourself better.

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“Then I asked myself, ‘why am I creating a life that I feel I need to power through?'” – Kongit Farrell

Show Notes:

  • How important it is to take time for self-care
  • This podcast is a space for reflection
  • Why I love to help people
  • A balanced life is so good… you won’t even need coffee in the morning!
  • My personal struggles with a balanced lifestyle
  • A life re-vamp cannot be done overnight…. it’s a gradual thing, just take one small step a day!
“When there’s a marriage of all the different parts of my life and everything is singing in unison—that’s when things get really fun.” – Kongit Farrell

Three Key Benefits to Developing a Balanced Lifestyle:

  1. Avoiding burn out: The ultimate time-suck
  2. Fulfillment: The trick to balancing resources
  3. Variety: Building abundance in multiple areas of life

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“Balance is a practice that actually brings tangible, positive results to your life when applied over time.” – Kongit Farrell

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