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I chose Alignment as one of the topics for the Monthly Motivating Mindset series this year because, plainly put, it’s a requirement for building the life that you deserve.

If you aren’t taking actions every single day that bring you closer to what you really want in life, then you are not in alignment. You are in consideration.  

You are considering the life that you deserve – not working towards it or living it.

Is that what you want?

Maybe you’re still trying to figure out what the life you really want looks like; or maybe you have a mindset that’s holding you back from pursuing it.

If that’s where you are, it’s totally alright. Those are all just stages that you go through while building the life that you deserve.

What’s important is that you recognize them as stages and then, when you’re ready, you move out of consideration and into action by Aligning your daily behavior with the life that you want to live.

This Month’s Monthly Motivation Mindset video session is designed to get you moving down that path of action.


It explores what Alignment is, why it’s so important to building the life that you deserve and offers a suggestion for what you can do to bring more of it into your world every day.

After you check out the video, I’d love to know if that suggestion resonates with you!

Share your thoughts with me and all of the beautiful spirits who are destined to live the lives that they deserve by letting us know…

What is the ONE goal that you need to get in Alignment with this month?

Post your thoughts in the comments section of my blog below, then sign up for my newsletter for more tips on how to get the Life that you Deserve.

I look forward to reading what you come up with, and am so so glad that we’re connected. I hope that you embrace and enjoy these offerings in the spirit that they are given; with kindness, hope, and a whole lotta’ love.

Wishing you the best in life,



P.S. Only text and uplifting comments, please. Let’s make this a beautiful, safe and spam-free place to share and receive each other’s light!


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