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57 Gabriel Varella – Use Your Body to Empower Your Life

57 Gabriel Varella – Use Your Body to Empower Your Life

Gabriel Varella on The Stay Inspired Podcast with KoWelcome to The Stay Inspired Podcast, where today we have with us Gabriel Varella. Originally from Brazil, Gabriel has a Bachelor’s of Science in Aeronautical Sciences and is a structural integration massage therapist as well as a nutritional coach. He believes that with a thorough plan and careful execution, anything is possible. With a caring and compassionate approach, Gabriel has mastered the art of guiding people in their journey towards mastering their mental, emotional, and physical health. Through his work as a personal trainer at Equinox, he teaches his clients exactly how psychology affects our personal path towards overall health. He also draws attention to the disempowerment that is caused by not being in your best health. Rather than looking far in the distance at your final goal, Gabriel urges his clients to look ahead only to their next immediate goal, no matter how small. Do not think about the destination but rather, fall in love with the process and keep logging in those little victories.

Listen in to find out how Gabriel Varella trains women to overcome personal hurdles to begin their fitness journey on the right foot, and how your mindset affects your physical health.

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“The whole process of mastering fitness applies everywhere else in your life.” – Gabriel Varella

Show Notes:

  • The connection between mental and physical health
  • How stress negatively affects the body
  • Why exercise improves mood
  • What prevents people from achieving their fitness goals
  • The psychology of goal achieving
  • How to create a culture of winning
  • Why culturally ingrained sexism makes it harder for women to begin their journey to health
  • The value of self-love
“One step at a time. That’s the whole thing.” – Gabriel Varella

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“Don’t look at the finish line; just look at your next step.” – Gabriel Varella

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