58 Dr. Zoe Shaw – When Should A Strong Woman Quit?


Dr. Zoe Shaw on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Welcome to The Stay Inspired Podcast, where today we have with us Dr. Zoe Shaw, a licensed psychotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She is a motivational speaker, radio host, life coach and fitness fanatic who is helping women achieve that elusive work-life self-relationship balance by cultivating healthy minds and bodies.

After 15 years in traditional psychotherapy practice, Dr. Shaw now helps women using a different modality with a mix of virtual therapy, coaching services, and programs designed specifically for women who wish to have it all but who sometimes struggle in the Superwoman Game.

Listen in to learn the difference between quitting and failure, how to let go of a project that isn’t working, and why strong women have such a hard time quitting.

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“If you continue in a place that isn’t producing fruit, you’ve already lost doubly because you’re not opening yourself up to something else.” – Dr. Zoe Shaw

Show Notes:

  • When we know it is time to quit
  • What it means to be a strong woman
  • The difference between perseverance versus quitting
  • Why strong women have a hard time quitting
  • How to know if you are approaching a situation with logic or fear
  • How to take back and own your sense of humanity
  • How to be strong without always pushing back or fighting
  • The virtues of quiet strength and confidence
“Choosing to end doesn’t mean you’re choosing to end forever.” – Dr. Zoe Shaw

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Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | DrZoeShaw.com

“Just because you’re stopping something doesn’t mean you’ve failed.” – Dr. Zoe Shaw

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