How to Create a Simple yet Luxurious Bathing Ritual for Radical Self Care



Creating a simple yet luxurious Bathing Ritual is one the absolute best Self-Care practices in my opinion. 

You can do it whenever you need to and it can be as budget friendly as you require – without sacrificing the powerful effects. All you need is time and imagination.

Today I’ll be sharing some tips on how you can curate your bathing ritual to perfection so that it will be there for you anytime you need some extra love. And as an added bonus, you’ll be showering yourself with even more love as you create!

Taking the time to think through all of the various elements and combining them to design the perfect bath for your needs is an act of Radical Self Care. It’s another way of telling yourself “I love you, care for you, and want you to have beautiful experiences in life”, so be sure to enjoy the process of creating as well as the outcome.

Here are the different items to consider when creating your bath ritual, go through each one and write down which best serves you and the experience that you want to create. Then, head out and select your items, set the stage, and enjoy your custom bath ritual for Radical Self Care!


Think about the environment you want to create. Here are some ideas:

  • Theme or Intention (the goal of your bath ritual): Aura cleansing, hydrating, energy cleansing, detoxifying, purification, sensuality, connecting with the Universe, gratitude, ect.
  • Lighting: Dim, bright, a few candles, lots of candles, floating candles, color candles, soy candles, a nightlight, colored lights.
  • Sounds: Music, sounds of nature, silence, sound machines.
  • Ambiance: Plants, crystals, books, fresh-cut flowers.
  • Scent: Scented candles, incense, essential oils, sage, Palo Santo.
  • Touch: Loofahs, body brushes, wash towels, hands, sponges.
  • Body Treatments: Salts, powders, clay, herbs, oil, oatmeal, milk, soap, bath tea.
  • Extra Treats: Tea, cocktail, wine, spring water, sparkling water, fresh fruit, chocolate, ice.
  • Supplemental Supplies: Tray (for drinks), dishes (for food), pitcher/bucket (for pouring water), eye pads.


Think about how you want your bath ritual to flow. What happens first, second, third? How do you want it to end? Here are some ideas:

  • Space Prep: Alert family that you won’t be available for set time, turn off pagers and phones, soft robe while curating your space, pre shower, add ingredients to your bath.
  • Meditation: An opening prayer, meditation, chant, poem, quiet visualization, breath work.
  • Activities: Massage (self or partner), sipping tea, reading, having a glass of wine, tarot card reading.
  • Body Focal Points & Time Increments (are there any special areas of your body that you want to concentrate on? How much time to do you want to spend there?): Dedicated foot scrub, hand soak, facial mask, chest scrub.
  • Order of Cleansing: Where do you want to start and end?
  • Closing (how do you want to end your bath ritual): Meditation, prayer, chant, breath work.
  • After Bath: Extra rinse, freshly laundered towels infused with Essential Oils journal, deep meditation, stretching, yoga, movie, light meal, rest.


After you’re taken such great care in cultivating your Radical Self Care Bathing Ritual, Enjoy! The Full Moon will be here in a couple of days (August 18th) and it’s a great time to do detox and cleansing bath soaks if that’s what you’re in the mood for. You can Google Full Moon Bath Rituals and that will bring up an abundance of information about how you can align your bath ritual with the full moon and detoxification.

As always, please remember that I’m not a doctor and these are just suggestions that I’m offering. Consult your physician before trying anything new with your body and make sure that you use the recommended amounts for whichever body treatments that you select.

Let me know how this goes and share a pic if you’d like!

Happy Self-Caring,

Kongit Farrell


P.S. – for more tips and fun ways to stay inspired while creating the life that you deserve, visit me at and sign up for the newsletter. Good and useful stuff only, I promise!



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