12 Ashley Rideaux – Can Practicing Yoga Inspire a Positive Outlook on Life?



Ashley Rideaux on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Our guest today on the Stay Inspired Podcast is the wonderful Ashley Rideaux, an LA-based yoga teacher and teacher trainer. Aside from her own yoga studio, Ashley leads workshops and retreats around the world, including in Italy, India, and Indonesia.

We will be talking about Ashley’s experience with yoga, where she has moved from student to teacher, and to becoming a mentor for other yogis. Though her path is unique, Ashley goes over some universal truths and insights she discovered in her practice, as well as ways for interested people to get started and get their questions answered.

Can practicing yoga inspire a positive outlook in your life? The answer for me is a definite YES and my time practicing with Ashley has shown me why! Through her beautiful spirit and wisdom, you can make great steps towards achieving your goals and dreams.

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“Yoga is continually encouraging you to check in with self, to be present with self.” – Ashley Rideaux

Show Notes:

  • How Ashley accidentally became a yoga teacher
  • Why going to places we feel we don’t belong can empower ourselves and others
  • Yes! Your only limitations are those you set up in your mind
  • How yoga can benefit your everyday life
“If we live our life with limiting beliefs, the world is going to respond in the same way.” – Ashley Rideaux
  • Where do you begin? Hint: You begin WITHOUT FEAR!
  • The importance of knowing our limits…. and how it can help others!
  • Why practicing yoga is as easy as showing up
  • How to set goals without caring about the outcome

Links Mentioned:

  • Download and Print my Positivity Quest PDF – You can use this free PDF with your yoga practice to help you free your mind from the negative chatter and focus on developing a positive-oriented mindset
  • If you’re in LA join Ashley for a yoga class
  • Connect with Ashley Rideaux:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

“Show up and do the work and you will arrive where you want to go.” – Ashley Rideaux

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