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Alison Kero on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Welcome to today’s episode of The Stay Inspired Podcast! Today, our special guest is Alison Kero, professional organizer and founder of ACK! Organizing. By helping clients easily identify which things in life they truly cherish and which things they can do without, Alison’s organizing systems enables her clients to set goals and healthy boundaries, and become more intentional with their space, which can lead to healthier happier and more productive lives. She has been a guest on programs like the Dr. Oz show, Mike Huckabee, CNN, and the CBS Morning Show discussing the correlation between health, happiness and productivity.

Staying organized and cleaning your living space is a big task, especially if you aren’t in a routine. But it doesn’t have to be! If you are able to set a system in place (even a minor one like a key hook), this can kick start a huge change to help you achieve the life you deserve, and open you up to a healthier and happier you.

Listen in to learn many of the common pitfalls of organization systems, how anybody can get started, and the radiating positive effects of organization.

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“[Organizing] is a wonderful opportunity to give yourself the ability to get to know yourself, and to start being truthful to yourself.” – Alison Kero

Show Notes:

  • Why most of the time, the problem is the system and not you
  • What we can learn about cleanliness from preschoolers
  • Why the best systems are not “set it and forget it”
  • The different ways your stuff can send you messages you don’t need to hear
  • The boundaries you need to set for a good system to work
  • Organizing for people who dislike organizing
  • The subconscious messages clutter sends you every single day
  • The easiest possible thing to get started in organizing
  • Why routine cleaning needs to be a part of your life for it to work
  • The common things that hold people back from getting organized
  • Why getting in the habit of cleaning is so personal for people
  • Alison’s advice for people who are daunted by organization
“A lot of times, the reason we can’t stick with a system is because we’ve made it too difficult for ourselves.” – Alison Kero

Links Mentioned:

  • Schedule a remote or virtual consultation with Alison at her website, AlisonKero.com
“As you learn how to [organize] really well, it then becomes easier for you to take on more things, but our society says, ‘buy more, have more, be more, do more’, and we’re exhausted, and we’re not achieving half as much as we should.” – Alison Kero

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