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Toni Purry on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

On today’s episode, we have Toni Purry, a visionary in the field of PR and author of “My Hype Book”. I know what you’re probably asking right now: what is a hype book? Well, let me tell you that the hype book is a major key to unlocking your maximum potential and helping you see yourself and your life clearly and positively. And Toni can help you make it happen!

From starting her own successful business during the recession to becoming the first African American Miss Alabama, Toni has the experience and tools to help you stay focused on progress and view life through the lens of success. I am really excited to hear what you learn and what inspires you in today’s podcast, and I know that Toni’s method can get anyone back on track to the life that they deserve!

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“It was in coming to a place that was a really low place that I found myself desperate for finding a way to bring my confidence back up.” – Toni Purry

Show Notes:

  • The hard times that inspired Toni’s new book
  • Why Toni is grateful for her struggle
  • Muhammad Ali’s influence on the pursuit of confidence
  • We are more than our failures and our setbacks
  • How to keep the balance between humility and hype
  • When setting high standards backfired on Toni
  • What Toni’s book does to help get you on track looking through your lens of success
  • Why “My Hype Book” was realized through Kickstarter
“The presence of humility should not mean the absence of personal accolade.” – Toni Purry

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“As long as you’re moving forward, you are making progress, and that is worth celebrating.” – Toni Purry

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