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Randy Spelling on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Today, we have a very special guest whose story will resonate with so many of you, and not just a story but what happened on the other side of this wonderful man’s journey. Our guest today is Randy Spelling, the founder and head happiness honcho at Randy Spelling Coaching. He was born in Los Angeles, California to one of the most well known Hollywood families in the entertainment business. Even though he had money, celebrity, and success, he also suffered from a void inside, and wasn’t sure how to fill it. Randy struggled to find his way, and after his father’s passing and some near death experiences of his own at age 27, he set out on a mission to find himself, and discover what it takes to reach real happiness, transform low self-esteem, decrease anxiety and overwhelm, and figure out what leads to a truly fulfilled and connected life. Randy has been coaching people for over a decade, helping them live better lives, reach new levels of success, and find lasting happiness. He’s not just a coach or strategist, he is a passionate practitioner of change and results. With his years of experience in what actions bring lasting transformation, Randy helps his clients get out of their own way, and achieve the happy fulfilled life that they were born to live.

Listen in to learn how Randy became a happiness coach, why people find themselves struggling in their lifestyles, and how you can gain control over yours.

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“Someone can blame somebody else for all the things that happened in the past, and what I’ve found is that only gets you so far and you get really enmeshed in that story. But where do you go from there?” – Randy Spelling

Show Notes:

  • The path and the moment that made Randy realize what he needed to do to to turn his life around
  • What everybody, through different beginnings, is struggling to find
  • How family and friends reacted to Randy’s journey through addiction
  • The changes that started taking shape in Randy’s life through his struggle out of addiction
  • Why people can find themselves stuck in a loop of suffering and rehashing the past
  • How reframing elements in your life can yield dramatic lifestyle shifts
  • Why Randy recommends for everyone to “not stop” in the face of difficulty
  • How you can move forward from a stressful life into more control
“I think it’s really easy to get caught up in differences and how all of our stories are different, but really, we’re all human.” – Randy Spelling

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“So in the moment when you catch yourself worrying or stressing about something, ask yourself, ‘do I know this to be true for sure?’.” – Randy Spelling



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