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30 Melvin and Sherrie Allen on The Stay Inspired Podcast with Kongit Farrell

Are you having trouble finding a partner that is the right fit? Does it feel like your luck in having a great relationship run out? My guests today, Melvin and Sherrie Allen, will help you on your path to better relationships, and their method gets results.

Drs. Melvin and Sherrie Allen have called themselves the “Relationship Alchemists” because they have the distinct gift of blending the unknown with the known elements of two unique spirits and transforming them into one loving couple. Through using a combination of experiences and techniques, like the Myers-Briggs test, they are able to help couples and single people discover how they can improve their relationships and themselves in the process.

Their experience in helping people in relationships has made Drs. Melvin and Sherrie Allen experts in their field. Featuring them on the show today is a really special treat for me, so listen in to this wonderful interview and exploration of getting the relationship you want and deserve!

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“Relationships have become disposable in our modern era, and relationships take work and they are worth it.” – Sherrie Allen

Show Notes:

  • The Allen’s two-pronged approach to helping couples
  • What the Myers-Briggs test can show us
  • How learning about each other’s personality types helped Melvin and Sherrie
  • Why the Allens believe relationships are about spiritual growth and development
  • The benefits of difference and balance in a relationship
  • Why understanding yourself is the first priority
“If you have a trust issue, you probably had it before you got in a relationship.” – Melvin Allen

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“What I’ve found is that when you start looking at personality types, opposites attract each other, and that’s just the way it is.” – Melvin Allen

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