What does Self-Respect Really Mean?‏


Have you ever heard the expression “Self-Respect” but not been totally clear about what it means?

You’re not alone if that’s you, beautiful.

I’ve noticed that Self-Respect challenges are at the core of many of the issues that my good-hearted clients face, and because of that I’m dedicating an entire month to exploring the issue.

But before I do, I want to make sure that you’ve received all of the free great-life building tools that I’ve shared on Social Media so far this year. If you missed any of them, you can read about and download them here:

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They’re pretty to look at, too 😉

This month’s Motivating Mindset series on Self-Respect kicks off with a quick video (click the link to the left or image above to check it out) that clearly defines what Self-Respect means and teaches you how to start inviting more of it into your life.

It’s a particularly powerful concept to understand because when you’re dialed into what having Self-Respect means and are committed to developing the practice, it’s one of the quickest ways to improve the quality of relationships in your life.

That’s because the amount of disrespect you’ll tolerate from another person is equal to the amount of disrespect you show yourself.

So if you go around calling yourself “stupid”, “worthless”, “lazy” or any other form of negative self-talk, you’ll tolerate being called those things by other people as well.

Do you see how quickly this can get dangerous, especially if you tell yourself things like “I hate you” or “You don’t deserve to be treated well”?

That’s why it’s so so so important that you get into the practice of developing healthy Self-Respect right now.

Developing Self-Respect is not just pie in the sky stuff, Good-Hearts.

When you develop a healthy level of self-respect, it acts like a shield against toxic people.

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Toxic people are what Don Miguel Ruiz calls “Black Magicians” in his best-selling book The Four Agreements. Black Magicians look for people who are willing to receive their emotional poison, which in turn, gives them temporary relief.

That’s why developing a healthy set of standards for how your treat yourself is so important.

They become the standards for how you allow others to treat you.

Black Magicians infect people who are willing to engage, even when they see signs of toxicity. They don’t waste their time on people who demonstrate, by not engaging, that they’re not available to receive emotional poison.

The first step to becoming a person who doesn’t accept emotional poison is developing a daily Self-Respect practice, and we’ll look at different ways that you can start to build one this month.

Developing healthy Self-Respect every day is one of the most powerful and transformational things you can do for yourself.

It lays the foundation for better relationships with other people, but most importantly, it lays the foundation for a better relationship with yourself.

I hope that the resources I share with you this month will inspire you to treat yourself with the respect that you absolutely deserve and start the process of creating your own daily Self-Respect practice.

Sending you courage, strength and love as you grow,

Kongit Farrell


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