10 Ways to Create Fireworks in Your Relationship


Even the best and brightest relationships have moments of flicker and fade – but fortunately, all they need is a little bit of effort and creativity to re-ignite that spark! Whether it’s a romantic evening or fun-filled adventure, taking time to treat your partner will go a long way for you both. These fun and sexy tips will kindle the fire to keep it burning hot.

1.) Keep a bottle of wine, two glasses and a picnic blanket in the trunk for spontaneous sunsets on the beach: A couple I’ve worked with has been happily married for over 30 years and I asked them what was their secret. They said this was on the top of their list.

2.) Sassy Strip Routine: Most cities have a class that teaches ladies the art of Striptease – with a bonus: With a special request, many will allow you to rent out the space for a “private show” a primo opportunity to show your partner what you learned and how they still make you feel wild!

3.) Cinematic Erotic: Rent Wild Orchid, 9 ½ Weeks and any other classic NC-17 movie, put candles around the living room and break out the champagne, strawberries, and chocolate fondue.  The environment will be suggestive, but not over the top, and will transport your partner into a sensual world of delight with their  favorite star – you!

4.)  Cyrano de Bergerac Attack: Break out your quills and ink for this romantic adventure. Pen your way back into each other’s hearts with an evening of poetry. Topics: What you love most about each other, what is hottest about your mate, and what’s a secret fantasy or desire that you would like to share? Ladies – If the idea of poetry doesn’t get him at first glance, ask again…while wearing lingerie.

5.) Make Me Over!: Surprise your partner with a new look! Check out popular fashion magazines for the clothing, make-up and hairstyles that are hot and then take yourself to a salon or barbershop  and get your do’-did;  then, for the ladies, it’s off to the cosmetics counter to get a new face. Go ahead, vamp it up! And for those ladies who are non-committal, ask your stylist for removable extensions.

6.) Cook it Up: You, your partner, and French cooking class. Flirt with each other as you explore different textures, flavors, and smells. It’s the perfect way to warm up your senses for dessert…

7.) Road Trip: It’s Friday night. It’s 6 o’clock. You’re both in your P.J.’s. Grab your partner, stuff some clothes in a bag, hop in your car and take a ride. Find a fun place with cool themed rooms – mirrored ceilings and fantasy motifs – and take your mate on a magic carpet ride. Some advance planning will be required (hotel, reservations) but they don’t need to know, tackle the details earlier in the day while your love is hard at work.

8.) Hot Times – Mineral springs are wonderful and healing, and they are also very, very hot. There are some near most major cities in the US. Find yours, grab your water ware and enjoy your own private paradise.

9.) The Power of Touch – New research in the field of psychology is teaching us that touch is not just for fun, but is essential for our emotional development and is also great for physical health. Heal together with a couples massage at your local spa. After an hour of relaxing message, you will find that you feel energized and up for other activities…

10.) And for the Truly Adventuresome – Go to an “Adult” Expo!: There you will find the latest (and greatest) in adult entertainment. A virtual universe of stimulation, you may have to keep you man on a leash while you explore. Literally.

Whether you follow one of these tips verbatim or add your own personal twist, you can’t go wrong by adding some spark to your life. As long as you and your partner agree to activities that you both feel comfortable with,  and are respectful of one another, sensual exploration can be fun and healthy. Be spontaneous. Be creative. And have fun! Interested in finding out more about how you can keep the sparks flying in your relationship? Contact me today to set up a consultation (800) 967-9416.

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Kongit Farrell, MA


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