15 How To Stop Your Struggle Story

Your family has heard it. Your friends have heard it. Maybe even the barista at your favorite coffee shop has heard it. They are all wondering the same thing: when are you going to be done with your struggle story? Today on The Stay Inspired Podcast, we’re going to take on ‘the struggle’ and the negative… Keep Reading »

14 Do You Know How It Feels To Be Stressed Out, Stressed Out?

How do you deal with a really bad day? Is there a way to avoid the negative spiral and be ready to start tomorrow fresh and new? We’ve all had those days, and in today’s episode, we’re going to learn how to handle them in a healthy way. Using mindfulness practices, radical self-care, and other methods,… Keep Reading »

10 Fatim Bahh – Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good, Spread Joy

So you’ve bought some clothes for your wardrobe and you really love how they look on you. But have you ever wondered if the money you paid for them is doing good, as well? Fatim Bahh was born in West Africa to a family of textile makers, and has been combining entrepreneurship in design with social… Keep Reading »

08 Erica Mendenhall – Images that Inspire: How to Create Beautiful Images for Your Joyful Life Vision Board

Today on The Stay Inspired Podcast, we’re featuring the award-winning photographer Erica Mendenhall. Erica is an expert in the lifestyle and wedding photography industry. Today she shares with us how you can find and capture inspirational images and scenes, using anything from a professional camera, to an iPhone, from Microsoft Word to Pinterest, and more. In this episode… Keep Reading »

07 The Art of Joyful Living

Are you a prisoner of your negative thoughts? Do you feel like motivation is hard to come by? Sometimes looking at the bright side is difficult or may seem impossible, and I’m glad you’re here with me today because we’ll be talking about some actionable steps that can help you cultivate the art of joyful… Keep Reading »